BFL Theatre is now accepting audition submissions for our upcoming production of Hard Core Logo: Live. This is a live stage adaptation of the book by Michael Turner, the film by Bruce McDonald, and the Screenplay by Noel S. Baker. It has been adapted by Michael Scholar Jr. with new music by Joe “Shithead” Keithley and lyrics by Michael Turner.  Directed by Ron Jenkins

Rehearsal Dates: Dec 5 – 18 and Feb 6 – 21

Performance Dates: Feb 22 – March 11.

For the male characters, we are searching for actors with strong rock musical abilities on their perspective instruments as well as musicians with strong acting chops

For the actress playing all other characters, we are looking for a very strong actor who can create 10 different characters, both female and male, and is comfortable with text work.

Actors will be asked to prepare a 2 minute contemporary monologue as well as a 2 minute musical selection, showing off your punk rock chops on your instrument. For the call back we will be giving out sides from the script.

In addition to your headshot and resume, please share with us your music background. Only those granted an audition time will be contacted.



The year is 1995. Punk band Hard Core Logo are reuniting six years after their break-up for what they believe is a one-time only benefit concert for front man Joe Dick's musical idol, Bucky Haight. After Billy finds out that Joe has organized a tour behind their backs, they decide to put aside their differences and embark on a tour of western Canada. As they tour across the country in a shitty van falling apart under their feet, old wounds between band members are ripped open as personalities collide. Can the band stand the stress of being on the road or will they kill each other before they reach Winnipeg?


JOE DICK (Mid 30s, Guitar/Lead Vocals) Joe is the lead singer of punk band Hard Core Logo, which he started with his best friend Billy Tallent. Joe’s life is this band and he has struggled to find meaning without the band and Billy. This tour is his last chance.

BILLY TALLENT (Mid 30s, Guitar) Billy started playing with his best friend Joe when they were 13. Since the breakup of HCL he has been trying to make a name for himself in the States hoping to make it big. He reluctantly comes back to Vancouver for one last gig with his old pal, but gets dragged into going on the road. Looking for very strong guitar players.

JOHN OXENBERGER (Mid 30s, Bass) John is the sensitive philosopher of the group. After the band’s breakup he became suicidal. He carries around his journal and is constantly writing his thoughts down to help keep his mind clear. Which he definitely needs help with since losing his meds. 

PIPEFITTER (Mid 30s, Drums) Pipe is the muscle of the group.  He also seems to be the only one with a sense of humour.  Too bad no one else appreciates all he brings to the band dynamic.  This tour is a welcome change from his current career in waste management.

VARIOUS ROLES (Female 25-35) This actress will play up to 10 different characters, both male and female including: NARDWUAR (Male. Better known as Nardwuar the  Human Serviette – notorious Canadian rock journalist), BUCKY HAIGHT (Male. proto-punk legend and huge influence on Joe. Has now become a recluse on a farm in the middle of Saskatchewan.), MARY (Ex HCL groupie and longtime Regina scenester), BARBRA (happy hooker at Humpty’s), VICTORIA (A university student who runs the band house in Edmonton).